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trainingNeed a low cost but highly effective and impactful personal effectiveness training for your staff?
In-plant or secure training environment?
Search no further, contact us today on  [email protected]

  • Affiliated with Learning & Development Network International
  •  Seasoned Faculty Member
  •  Inplant courses available
  • Courses run from as low as 3hours to 5 days
    1. High Impact & Business Presentation Skills
    2. Effective Office Management & Administrative Skills
    3. Service Excellence/Customer And Relationship Excellence (C.A.R.E)
    4. Life After Work Seminar Retirement goals, Plans & Strategy
    5. Stepping into Management
    6. Peoples Management
    7. Performance Management & Appraisal
    8. Teamwork & Teambuilding
    9. ‘Quality Starts With You’ The Attitude Building Course
    10.Strategy & Business Planning
    Human Resources Management for Beginners (Essentials)
    Building a top notch HR Team /Department ( all you NEED to Know about
    Setting up an ISO certified HR Department)
    Performance Management: the 7 W’s
    Appraisals: The Dos & Don’ts
    Setting SMART Goals for Employees
    Building High Performing Teams
    Teaming & Team Building Events
    Life After Work Seminar – Retirement Goals, Plans and Strategy
    Preparing for Retirement (Managing Retirement & New Beginnings)
    Time Management
    Business Communications Etiquette 101
    Stepping into Management – Creating Future Leaders
    The Nigerian Labour Law & other Regulatory Issues in HR (Best Global
    Business Improvement Strategy Workshop
    Business Planning & Goal Setting
    Business Performance Review $ Measurement
    Management Retreats: Away Days & Team Building events
    Internal Auditing for Beginners
    Managing Retirement Package and Retirement Accounts
    Mastering Finance for Non-Financial Managers
    Credit and Risk Analysis and Management for Non-Financial Managers
    Understanding Financial Statement Analysis
    Financial Statement Preparation and Reporting
    Managing the HSE Function
    Stress Management in the Work place
    Unsafe Acts Auditing & Reporting
    Work Life Balance
    Defensive Driving Course
    Fire Fighting Techniques
    Developing An Effective Safety Culture
    Land Transport Safety & Journey Management
    Good Housekeeping in the Office Space
    Effective Office Management and Administrative Skills
    High Impact & Business Presentation Skills
    Customer Attitude & Relationship Excellence (CARE)
    Business Communication Etiquette 101
    Handling Difficult Conversations & Difficult People
    Quality Starts With You! – the Attitude Building course
    Quality Starts With You! – the Attitude Building course (TRAIN THE TRAINER)

     “Wanna boost Employee Morale and Improve Staff Productivity tremendously at lowcost?”

    -Ask about our 3-hour signature course Quality Starts With You!
    The Attitude Building Course for as low as 20k per staff!!

    Our 3-hour “QUALITY STARTS WITH YOU” Seminar is your antidote to“managing attitudinal problems” that give rise to ineffective or low-quality service. This highly interactive and enjoyable course will help your employees understand that success or failure in their job lies heavily upon their attitude: good or bad. They will learn how to identify and eliminate attitudinal red flags and deliver quality service. Best of all, they will learn how to reshape their attitude to work and get raving appraisal reviews and all-round productivity.


    This is for everyone who provides any form of service in an organization.This course is highly recommended for organizations interested in improving employees’ general attitude to their work or service delivery.

    Participants will learn to:

     Achieve quality results through identifying the four components of a quality service
     Spend more time working toward corporate goals
     Keep things in perspective
     Spend less time complaining about the working conditions or doing non productive things at work each day
     Become more effective at job function
     Manage resources more efficiently
     Relate Albert Einstein’s Famous Mass Energy Formula to Attitude