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Our Services

1) Labour Management:
We can be your corporate human resource department and perform all the functions typically performed by an in-house HR department. For a reasonable administrative fee, we can process your payroll, manage your benefits, recruit your people, onboard your new hires, train and support your employees, manage health scheme, manage PAYE & Pension scheme, and staff welfare ,help manage performance and off board if necessary.

2) Outplacement :

Outplacement is a most appreciated component of severance packages
When an organization makes the tough economic decision to lay off employees, any assistance the company provides is appreciated. Laying off workers is hard for everyone; both for the employer and the employee, but they can be made much easier with outplacement services.

With the services offered, let InCorporateHR!  make the transition much more smoother for your employees

Let us help cushion the effect of a job loss or lay off. Duration from 1 month up to one year for less than what it might have cost as your full staff

For a small fee, as part of the severance package, your laid off staff can gain the following and more:

– individual or group career counseling and advising.

-develop resumes and cover letters, job leads and follow-up counseling and advice.

-temporary workspace for your executives and managers for job searching employees to transit more smoothly.

– group training in all aspects of job searching and career transition or retirement

-contact [email protected] today for more info.

3) Recruitment Services.
Our Services are tailor made to fit the ‘uniqueness’ of the organisation. We try to understand the ‘culture’ in the organisation, the unwritten codes needed for each company or position and attempt to find the closest fit.
Our Recruitment Services includes:

Executive Search Services
Head Hunting: passive & active candidates
Permanent Staffing Services
Temporary/Contract Placement
Expatriate Recruitment
Bulk Recruitment

Call or contact us today on [email protected] or [email protected] for further information :

4) Background Checks:
New hires & Sensitive positions may require some level of checks.

At inCorporateHR! We can help you with the following:

-credit checks
-neighbour reference
-address confirmation
-certificate verification

To mention but a few.
Do call us today or contact us on [email protected] or [email protected]
Confidentiality is the watchword!

5) Training:
Need a low cost but highly effective and impactful personal effectiveness
training for your staff?
In-plant or secure training environment?

Search no further, contact us today on [email protected] or [email protected]

Training topics include:
-Quality Starts with You! (An Attitude Building Course) … This is our 2 hour signature training course for old hires and new intakes.
-Time Management
– Performance Management & Appraisals
– Life After Work ( Retirement Training)
– Team Building & Team Work
-Building an effective HR team/dept (from scratch)
And many more…